About us

Mare Sistemi was established 2008 in Zagreb – Croatia with purpose of serving Marinvest fleet vessels in IT, communication and electrical/automation matter. Marinvest fleet expanded with 6 new sophisticated tanker vessels(DNV ICE Class A1)  equipped with latest communication equipment which covering entire world and offering 24/7 internet access and various modes of advanced communication. Mare Sistemi is giving active IT support using advanced internet tools to provide best service supporting various equipment on-board the vessel as engine room alarm system, bridge navigation system, local computer’s network system etc… Older vessels are also equipped with new communication equipment as well which saves considerable time during detecting and solving various hardware/software problems and providing telephone and internet access for the crew. Automatically sharing files between vessel and office side, uploading necessary software updates in navigation equipment (ECDIS ENC monthly updates), remote access and control of various automation/electrical/IT equipment, is just a small part of our daily tasks.

Long sailing experience on Marinvest and similar tanker vessels giving good reference to continue….